About Us
About Us
From its conception, A PICTURE OF YOU has had the preservation of memories as its core ethos. Driven by perfection, we offer an outstanding and personal service at an affordable price. Established in 2010 APY has steadily grown and is adding more products to offer.
APY in its embionic stage, circa 2003-2009, in its non-trading mode, had found that many people were missing out on old memories, either because they were neglected, damaged or otherwise. APY had used this time to research and to train, delivering a service that now blends the old with the new, transfering and restoring old formats onto modern day CD/DVD and Electro Digital formats. It also comes naturally that new memories are also there to capture! APY has adapted and continues to adapt to capture these precious moments, whether it be on camera or camcorder !

What ever the day the 'Picture is of You'.................


A Picture of You